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Pagan Basics Kit


Subscribers currently voting on themes! will update soon! The pagan basics kit explores pagan paths and occult practices and is a great box for introducing you to the basics. The box themes are voted in by subscribers each month. The contents vary depending on the theme but items are curated to suit the practice of a beginner or novice practitioner. Themes will not border on taboo issues nor will there be advanced craft work. In general, the box is a introduction to many types of witchcraft and magick. A half page keepsake grimoire card will accompany each kit detailing instructions, correspondences and rituals. This kit ships out in the 3rd week of each month and may be combined with other orders you may have if ship in the same time
Eclectic Witchery


July Theme - Lammas, creating seasonal blessings & sabbat altars for the Eclectic Witch. August Theme - Natural Body Care + Magick. A special collaboration with a seasoned esthetician! Magickal Folk offers numerous online portals to deepen their magickal skillset, widen their awareness and connect with other magickal people in a manner that fosters spiritual support, knowledge and friendship. new subscribers will receive a welcome email series detailing all the online portals available! Formerly known as our Witchy Woman kit, this subscription has evolved a bit too. Because the themes are voted in by subscribers each month it is hard to pinpoint exactly what this box is. I just go with the flow! You pick it, I curate it. Based on the theme I connect all the dots and give you a magickal kit complete with rituals, correspondences and all the tools you need to work with or learn the concept.
Cosmic Energy Kit

$39.00 - $400.00

June kits are Sold Out! July theme - Perseid Meteorite Showers/wishing on a star August theme - Sirius, The Dog Star, dog days of summer!! A cosmic mystery kit that explores moon phase + cosmic energies. We work with meditations & rituals. All are designed to assist in cosmic alignment and contain items to create a complete ritual.
Ritual Tea Subscription


Shipping June 10th - Summer Witch, Litha Inspired A monthly ritual tea that comes in either a half ounce or full ounce pouch (depending on herbals). Each month a ritual tea is curated specifically for its spiritual, magickal and holistic specialty. A full tea ritual with specifics on the herbals themselves will be provided on a quarter page grimoire card. This box will ship by the 15th of each month and may be combined with other subscriptions you carry.
Kids Rock Collection


Shipping June 10th 2 rocks every month in a sachet with a info card for each rock. Nothing too advanced or confusing - just some cool rocks for kids with simple facts they can remember! Shipped the 1st week of the month - multiple subscription orders will be combined into 1 box if it falls into the same shipment category.